Why I’ve chosen to Develop Websites with WordPress:

I’ve been building and designing websites (among other things) since 1998.  In the early days, websites were built page by page, like a book.  Each page was a thicket of HTML and CSS, plus Java, ASP or pHp code, and any time simple changes or edits needed to be made, the text or code on each individual page had to be changed.  That meant website owners had to have (and know how to use) an expensive HTML editing  program; or had to buy and  install an expensive online Content Management System; or had to hire an expensive Web Professional to do simple web maintenance.

In the meantime, a community of coders got together and said, “There must be a better way”.  And so there was.  WordPress, which began as a blogging platform empowering writers to self-publish on the web, has matured into a first class Web Publishing and Content Management System to rival any out there.

Instead of editing endless pages and lines of code, web developers can focus on design elements, features and applications.  Through the thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes, WordPress is limited only by your imagination.  Want traffic statistics, a forum, event calendar or a photo album?  WordPress can do it.  Need private password protected pages?  WordPress can do that, too.  Want to add and remove pages yourself?  That’s a primary function.  Once WordPress is set up and customized on a website, the website owner can easily maintain all the content and the navigation links.

WordPress is extremely powerful and robust — yet very easy to use.  And most amazing of all, it’s free.  Yes, free.  There are no purchase, subscription or license fees. The only cost is if you need a web professional (like me) to install it for you, design your theme, and support the installation.  WordPress is ‘Open Source’ software, built by an army of volunteers, who have expanded it with thousands of plugins, widgets and tools.

I’ve decided to join this army, adding my small creations to the arsenal, and providing my clients with the best possible websites for the least amount of pain, anguish, time and money.

I’ll be posting more on this site, on everything from design considerations to WordPress How To’s.  I am also going to be designing exclusively in WordPress from here on, and will be upgrading clients to WordPress when they feel the need for a CMS.

Thanks for visiting!
LeeAnne Egge, Owner